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5 Product Launch Mistakes

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product launch mistakes
Ouch, some of these hurt but a Product Launch Manager can steer you clear…

1. Offer not strong enough. Just do a thorough market analysis and you’ll have this one covered. But a better offer is not enough..

2. “Me too” launch. Being like your competitor is the single most repeated mistake in marketing. Always has been, probably always will be. A solid understanding of positioning strategy will avoid this.

3. Not starting a conversation with your prospects. The easiest way to sell products is to ask your prospects what they want / what they don’t want. Start this conversation as soon as you know your niche…and amp it up during the launch for the benefit of all.

4. The launch story is about you…not good! Much confusion here. Yes, we tell a story about ourselves to establish intimacy with our prospect…but we’re doing this to agitate their story / frustration / problem.

5. Believing that your product will sell because there is a need. People don’t need your widget (sorry to break it to you…they really really actually don’t need it.) They don’t buy what they need, they don’t even buy what they want…they buy what they cannot live without. They cannot live without love, respect, attention, community…and money.

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