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Oliver Olsen is an online marketer specializing in conversion via copywriting, sales funnels, marketing videos and product launches and website traffic via content marketing.



  • Product Launch Manager Training.
    Personally trained by Jeff Walker.
  • American Writers & Artists Institute Master Copywriter.
    Teachers: Michael Masterson, Paul Hollingshead, and Bob Bly.
  • Ryerson University. Applied Arts Degree in Film. Toronto, Ontario. 1992
  • University of Windsor. Media & Communications. Windsor, Ontario. 1988

Software Proficiency: Adobe Premiere (video editor), Photoshop, XSitepro (html editor), Audacity (sound editor), Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Camtasia, Market Samurai, Aweber, Premium Web Cart, Ultracart, Infusionsoft, and everything WordPress.

Things he likes to do: Playing sports with his two boys, quality time with his wife, pursuing his second degree Karate black belt, mountain biking, reading, listening to music, barbecues, camping, staying in hotels, playing poker, visiting family in Montreal,…and the never ending study of human behavior.

He lives in Toronto,  Ontario, Canada with his family.

Getting to know Oliver…

Favorite food as a kid: Creamed corn with cut up squares of toast with butter.
First job: Paper route in Caulfield, West Vancouver.
Guilty pleasure: Karate sparring.
Favorite drink: cold beer.
Unmarketable skill: remembers all the best movie lines.
Dream: to climb Machu Picchu with my boys when they are teenagers.
Love: Claudia
Favorite author: Hunter S. Thompson
Favorite food: bbq rib steak
Peeve: people with a lack of compassion
Favorite song when I was 9: Pinball Wizard
Proudest moment: hitting a natural home run when I was 10
Favorite car: 1970 Dodge Charger
Insecurity: teeth not straight
Belief: this is all sooo wild
Disbelief: I graduated from high school 30 years ago??????
Low point: November 1997
Biggest question: why haven’t aliens contacted us?
Wildest time: crossing the border into Germany, 2001
Favorite show as a kid: Gilligan’s Island.
Blessed moments: the birth of my boys.
Revelation: why opera kicks butt
Favorite paintings: Dutch masters
Favorite game: poker
Rite of passage: Mt. McIntyre, 1981
Fountain of youth: spring break, 1986
Miss: conversations with Dad
Daily pleasure: espresso
What I find funny: things other people don’t
Favorite show of late: Breaking Bad
Favorite clothes: t-shirt, jeans, no socks
Most comfortable: walking in the surf
Appreciate: people who are great at what they do