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Jointventure 101

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Finding Joint Venture Deals – The Real Story

A Product Launch Manager can help you in the quest to find other businesses that have a similar mission to yours – not direct competitors. Start with searches on Google and click on the sponsored listings. Look for sites that squeeze emails…so you know they are building a list.

Next step is to find a way for you to begin a happy relationship with them. There are many reasons that they will not want to do business with you, so take this to heart. A JV relationship is GOLD. Get used to worshiping this notion. You should look at it like you are going to be friends with this person for the rest of your life.

Potential JV partners know what you want. And it worries them! They’re worried that you’re going to hijack their list. You have to prove to them beyond doubt that you are there to help them with THEIR MISSION. This takes time but the payoff in the end is massive. If you’re not willing to spend the time building the JV relationship, then don’t bother – you’ll just waste everyone’s time and patience.

Here are a few reasons why JVs won’t promote your product:

  • JVs can only promote a limited number of products in a given year. Why should they promote yours?
  • Your product is the same as all the others out there.
  • The JV looks at your product and figures he could build the same thing himself and not have to share theprofits.
  • Disparity of price between your offer and what their list is used to paying. Your product is $97 and their list buys$797 products or vice versa.
  • You have no data to prove people love your product (conversion rates, reviews, testimonials).
  • Bad timing…they are about to launch their own product.
  • Your product competes with theirs.

So what you need is a relationship strategy to get around all of these objections. You want them to fall in love with you. One strategy is to put together a mini-version of your product and give it to their list to sell and let them keep 100% of the commission. Or even 150%.

Everyone who buys, gets added to your list. With simple math you can calculate how much each person who gets added to your list is worth…so that 150% commission will actually be a profitable strategy.

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