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How to Launch a New Product

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A Product Launch Manager can show you a variety of ways to launch a new product.

beachThe method you choose depends chiefly on your goals. The basic goal is, of course, to make a profit. But there are different routes to get there and a Product Launch Manager will help you get all this straight.

Are you looking for quick profits and cash flow…or higher revenues that come a little later?

Branding and positioning may also be among your goals. Do you need to get attention quickly? Or are you looking for a sustained and steady campaign that hooks deep into a larger audience?

Ok, you get it – there are number things to consider when you decide to “make a profit” and a Product Launch Manager can help you clarify these goals.

Let’s take an example that falls in the middle somewhere. This would be a product launch marketing strategy with a 4 to 6 month timeline.

Goals: make the most amount of profit within 6 months, grow your list, brand your product, and solidify your positioning.

So – first question – where are your prospects?

Are they searching for your product? If so, you’ll find them on Google and you’ll want to use SEO and PPC.

What social networks do they use? You’ll want to have a presence in these networks that leads them to your squeeze page.

What blogs do they visit? Maybe a banner ad here and / or a guest posting and commenting.

What forums do they visit? Use signature marketing.

What lists are they subscribed to? Install strategies to access these lists. AKA building joint venture relationships.

Funnel your prospects to your various squeeze pages. Don’t just put up one squeeze page! Best strategy is at least 3 squeeze pages, all of them A/B tested to ratchet up opt-in conversion rates.

Ok, so after doing all the above you have a list that is growing daily. Next up, do a launch to this list. This is called an Internal launch.

It generally consists of giving away 3 or more meaty pieces of free content that help your prospect solve a problem or quench a desire…but not absolutely. This content is a teaser for the actual product.

The difference between this content and other give-aways out there is that this all happens during the fixed period of time (= pre-launch) before the shopping cart opens (= launch day). During pre-launch and the launch week, your Product Launch Manager will pull over 20 different triggers proven to increase conversion rates. Some of these play out in the email sequence…others in the pre-launch content.

You’ll make some profit here but more important, you are going to acquire proof that prospects want what you are selling = fat converstion rate. This is the firepower that attracts affiliates and joint venture partners and this puts you in touch with 10 times the number of prospects.

Now you’re making some real money!

And now, more importantly you have a fat list of prospects and buyers who love you. It’s time to start looking for that beach house…

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