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Are you product launch ready?

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Here’s what you need to consider for a product launch …

1. A list host. Currently recommending Mailchimp. Very popular, very easy to use, integrates easily with web platforms and shopping carts.

2. Webmaster. Someone who can create and publish squeeze and landing pages as well as put up and configure blogs. Your Product Launch Manager might perform this function.

3. Designer. You’ll need some graphics: headers, some custom design for your pages.

4. Tech Guy. Integrates your mail host, your shopping cart, makes sure affiliate tracking works, makes sure server can handle the launch. Experience with fixing stuff under pressure (like during the launch).

5. Customer service. Could be your virtual assistant. They take care of customer problems, returns, lost passwords etc.

6. Copywriter…if your product launch manager does not do it himself.

7. Video person. Someone to edit and put your videos online…if your product launch manager doesn’t do it himself.

8. Content creator. You need content for the launch and beyond. Your product launch manager can guide you in terms of what you need…but you or someone else will have to create the bulk of this content: blog posts, reports, videos, podcasts, other digital content.

9. JV manager. This might be your product launch manager. Basically someone who is implementing the strategy to attract JV partners and affiliates.

10. BBQ person. This person is responsible for grilling the steaks and jumbo shrimp. Please make sure they are provided with plenty of ice for the coolers. Very important.

11. Hosting account. Currently recommending Siteground.

12. Payment processing. You can just use Paypal or Stripe most of the time or you can get a merchant account and hook it up to a shopping cart.  Many shopping carts have built in affiliate tracking systems but there stand-alone tracking systems too.

Your Product Launch Manager will work with you to make sure all of these tasks are covered (especially the ice). In fact, the PLM will perform a number of these tasks himself.


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