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Launch Stats

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Local Marketing Source
Joint Venture Launch

Statistics Before the Launch

Squeeze Optin: Report: “Profiting from Local Online Marketing.”
Product: Marketing Local Business – online training through membership site.
Price: $799.00
1st Launch: October 2009.
Buyers as of August 2009 = 69 via launch, SEO, and Adwords.

Clients contacted me in August 2010 with the goal of “doing a lot better” via a joint venture launch.

Client Assets:

- Managing partner saw the value in a $10,000 fee + 10% rate of commission
- Both partners understood launch process but not exactly the time required to prepare one
- On board with the idea that joint venture relationships start and end with them.
(I just manage JVs …I don’t create the relationship)
- Scott (product creator) truly an expert in his field with his own local marketing agency for five years.
- Scott and Ryan very easy to work with; trusting

Challenges, Solutions, Results

Challenge: Sales at a trickle.

Solution: Shut down the shopping cart to boost anticipation of the JV launch.  Did a “closing offer” launch to the house list.

Results: Sold 12 more spots at $799.00  …so I guess that covered my up front fee nicely :-)


C:  Need new leads and needed to get a higher optin rate onto the house list.

S: Redesigned optin-forms and added copy on Local Marketing Source.com and scott-gallagher.net
S: New video to increase optin rate.
S: Created dedicated squeeze page for Facebook advertising.
S: Created mini-site for Adwords.
S: Created animation video people could share …they would receive some premium content if they shared it.

R: Optins per day doubled from 6 to 12.


C: Scant testimonials.  Nothing very convincing.

S: Used my testimonial cruncher strategy.

R: Generated these text, audio, and video testimonials.


C: Nobody knows Scott.  Nobody knows he owns and runs his own local marketing agency.  Nobody knows he’s truly a local marketing expert.

S: Added copy to optin video script to tell people who Scott is and why they should listen to him – proof that he is “the local marketing guy.”

R: Open rates on email sequence during launch were extremely high.  Personally, I had never heard of an open rate above 30%.

Date Time Days To Launch Open Rate Email Click-Thru Rate Phase List Subject
Saturday, November 27, 2010 7:07 PM -11 35% 55% Pre-Launch LMS House Local Marketing Source Launch – early release
Friday, December 03, 2010 12:46 PM -5 59% 60% Pre-Launch LMS House Local Marketing Video 2 + 2 Downloads
Sunday, December 05, 2010 9:43 AM -3 49% 45% Pre-Launch LMS House Brace for Impact
Wednesday, December 08, 2010 1:03 AM 0 108% 67% Launch Early List Time To Rock
Wednesday, December 08, 2010 1:46 PM 0 39% 44% Launch LMS House Today is The Day
Friday, December 10, 2010 4:34 PM 2 31% 38% Launch LMS House Registration Closing
Sunday, December 12, 2010 12:07 PM 4 43% 58% Launch LMS House IMPORTANT + New Download + $30K Strategy
Sunday, December 12, 2010 8:06 PM 4 34% 38% Launch LMS House Great News!

Launch Strategy

So far the program had been sold to people who knew about local marketing, searched for it online, found Local Marketing Source, and bought.  They knew about the opportunity and the program clearly fit their needs.

For the launch we needed to bring the opportunity into focus for people who didn’t know about it.  That, along with establishing credibility for Scott and his program, was the goal of video 1.

Then, in video 2, we wanted to give them something they could use right away so as to trigger reciprocity, likeability and deepen credibility for Scott’s expertise.  We gave away a Google Places Cheatsheet and a report that they could rebrand for their own use which would serve as way to position their prospects to hire them.

Finally, in video 3 we made the offer.

In the days that followed the opening of the cart, we gave away more content and reminded them of the benefits, the value, the guarantee, and the reason to buy now.

Our conversion rate was a smokin 5% which is a sweet return on investment.  Going forward, we will launch Version 2 of the program.


List Size Pre-Launch 2289
List Growth during launch 862
List Size Post-Launch 3151
Launch Page Views 17256
Launch Page Unique Views 14878
Sales 87
Sales minus projected refunds and breakage (25%) $       70,575.00
Previous Sales 83
Sales $       60,000.00
Total Sales $    130,575.00
Conversion Rate 5.39 %
Launch Visitor Value $4.74
Total Optin Value $41.44
Average / Day Optins 8.6
Per Day Revenue last 12 months $356.38

Accelerated Business Coaching for Hypnotherapists
Internal Launch


Mailing List: 800
Relationship: Warm.  Client had given away free report for the opt-in and then posted a number of free articles to help them run a more profitable business.

Twitter followers: 1000

Client’s previous launch experience: Ed had done one launch himself to his list for the coaching program and converted at 1.5%.  He felt he could convert better if he hired a PLM (and he was right!)

Client Assets:
- understands launch process
- expert in his field
- Adwords expert
- outside the box thinker
- very easy to work with; trusting

Product: Six module business coaching program for Hypnotherapists.
Price: $997.00

Conversion rate off house list of 800 for this launch: 3%  (Very satisfying considering the price point of $997 was the key objection…and the list was built on an opt-in for a free report)

Squeeze page opt-in rate: 70% +

Part of the reason for the high opt-in rate is that most of the traffic comes from a banner on a targeted website.  Previous opt-in rate on client’s site with different banner ad and freebie was less than 10%.   He had built most of the list using Adwords.


We began pre-launch content with a live case study.  This is a “results in advance” strategy.   This consisted of three videos showing a “before and after” scenario about how the client was able to generate bookings by using just one of his strategies.

Email open rates during launch: 15 to 25%
Email click-through rate: 45% was lowest.
Blog comments: 13% of house list left comments.

Revenue bump from previous launch: 300% ($6360 to $18,943)

(all work by Oliver Olsen unless noted otherwise)

Squeeze page:
1. designed
2. developed
3. installed

Membership Site
1. design
2. configuration

Prelaunch Content- Design and intallation
1. 3 Case study screen caputer videos
2. Banner on Hypnothoughts website
3. Hypnotherapy FAQ audio podcast


1. Wrote 15 emails during pre-launch and launch to house list

Sales letter
1. Copywriting
2. Design

1. blog installation and configuration
2. Wishlist membership site configuration + video content using EzS3
3. Application process / payment processing / membership signup

Product Bonus Creation
1. Copywriting mini-course
2. Keyword lists for buyers
3. DIY Website Videos

Internal Launch


Mailing List: 3500
Relationship: Cold; only sent promotions / no free content.

Twitter followers: 4900
Facebook friends: 1300

Client’s previous launch experience: none

- Jujumama rated in top five of Redbook’s love bloggers.
- law of attraction online coaching business

Product: Year-long Law of Attraction coaching program
Price: $1497.00

Number of buyers last year: 5
Number of buyers for this launch: 15

Launch squeeze page opt-in rate: 38%
List size on launch day: 87
Conversion rate: 17%

Launch teleseminar: 35 attended
Questions asked on blog after teleseminar: 11

Revenue bump from previous year: $14,970 (300%)

Total Sales: $22,455

(all work by Oliver Olsen unless noted otherwise)

Squeeze page:
1. designed
2. developed
3. installed

Teleseminar Info Page:
1. designed
2. developed
3. installed

WordPress Blog
1. custom design
2. custom header

Prelaunch Content- Design and intallation
1. 2 Banners
2. Year at a Glance visual
3. squeeze page video – edited and mixed w/titles and effects
4. webinar info video – edited and music added

1. Wrote 22 emails during pre-launch to list

Sales letter
1. Copywriting
2. Design

1. Aweber set-up
2. Powerpay / 1Shopping cart / configuration (outsourced)
3. domain names and email addresses added

Product Bonus Creation
1. Membership site (WordPress Wishlist Member) (outsourced)
2. Private Online Workspace

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