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Your Marketing Assets

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product launch marketing assetsI find that a lot of business owners have a number of hidden assets. As a Product Launch Manager I am very interested to find out all the things we can bring to the project to increase conversions.

If you don’t have all your ducks in row, I am happy to work with you to create these assets.

The Offer

When an offer doesn’t convert, it is most often because it wasn’t strong enough. In other words, not enough value to cover the price. Sure, there are many other reasons why offers don’t convert but the first thing we look at is the offer. Does it crush?

Central to the offer is the product. Based on the hard data of market research…we need to determine if people are looking for this product. And if they are looking, then we look at the competitors: what are they offering?

So at this point we want look at your assets and see if there is anything we can add to enhance the offer. Anything that can be turned into a bonus or perhaps an upsell? We may need to work together to create these assets.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials and / or case studies are responsible for HUGE increases in conversion rates. There are new FTC guidelines that must be followed, but nevertheless there are many ways to use testimonials and case studies that don’t violate these laws.

If you have a new product, then you’ll want to give it away to a number of people to generate testimonials right at the start. This is also a good way to get feedback on your product and make any necessary improvements. You should also install a testimonial funnel for the life of your product so fresh endorsements are rolling in all the time.

Prospect List

This is your biggest asset. You can and should start building this list before you even have your product finished. There is no time to lose! To start building a list, you need a squeeze funnel (various types of squeeze pages) that collect email addresses.


There are many ways to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and you should use as many methods as you can muster. No traffic, no customers, no sales.

Viral Products

These are things you freely give away with your brand, tagline and web address all over them. It’s a means to brand yourself as well as drive traffic to your squeeze pages. These should not be lame freebies, “10 Ways to xyz…” These should be high quality reports, videos etc. that impress the heck out of people who consume them.

Joint Venture Relationships

These relationships are the Golden Egg of Internet marketing (and the building of your wealth). The dollar value of these relationships cannot be underestimated. Take the gross sales of your own product and multiply by 6 and that’s the revenue you’ll see coming in every year from your joint venture relationships. And you didn’t even have to create these other products!

Affiliate Program

There are tons of affiliate programs out there…how are you going to attract affiliates to promote your product(s)? Run a great affiliate program with tons of support, resources, copy, keywords, banners, contests, tech assistance, and training. Oh, you need to have a converting offer with a decent payout :-)


This is not only what you sell, but also what you give away. The giveaways come in the form of blog posts, articles, reports, videos, teleseminars, etc. The question is – how much should you give away and how much should you sell? To answer this question, you need to get a clear picture of how this all works. And what I mean by that is, how to make money online. I’m going to write another post on this but to put it simply, to make tons of money you want to give away the great majority of your quality content. In fact, you’ll find that the more you give away, the more money you make!

The above are the biggies. Other assets you may have or want to create are

- Social networking presence
- Mastermind groups
- PR relationships

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