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Product Launch Copywriting

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Copywriting is a huge component of a successful product launch.

That’s because good copy is part persuasion, part strategy. In fact, it’s really where the product launch strategy finds full expression.

Some product launch managers write copy, others don’t. My advice is that if your PLM doesn’t write copy, find a copywriter and lock him in your basement with a copy of Product Launch Formula. He needs to understand the underpinnings of the strategy. You won’t have time during a launch to make him understand the nuances of this. Frustrating.

If you find someone you really like, do everything you can to make them stay with you forever…copywriters are everywhere but good ones are hard to find, hard to book and generally expensive. Perhaps give him yearly bonuses for sticking with you. Don’t take them for granted…otherwise you’ll be searching for another and another…ouch.

Before becoming a product launch manager, all I did was write copy. Mostly sales letters and email copy (samples on request). I absolutely love it and it’s the backbone of my launch business because product launches are strategic at heart.

When you write an email to the list during a launch you have to understand where that email fits into the strategy. Getting prospects to buy on launch day is the overall goal but in a single email you’re working the strategy at a micro-level. You’re probably just pulling one trigger…that moves them along the buying funnel.

What is that trigger? How best to pull it? What’s the cliff hanger to get them to tune in on the next email? They need a complete understanding of the product launch strategy in order to be effective. What’s more, on any given day during a launch, you’ll need the copy RIGHT AWAY.

Email broadcasts need to go out at a moments notice and your copywriter needs to be available to fulfill your requests immediately.

If your launch manager is not a copywriter, the basement idea might be the way to go. Point is, if you are going to do a launch, find your copywriter before anything else, pay them well, put them in your will, educate them on the strategy…and never let them go.

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