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Looking for a Product Launch Manager?

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product launch marketing As a Product Launch Manager, I’m somewhat of a rare bird because I’m also a direct response copywriter. It’s great news for you from a number of perspectives. I’m also able to create all your landing pages, increase your traffic, build your list, configure your launch tech, and assist you with your content…not to mention implement the product launch strategy and manage all aspects of your launch.

But perhaps you’re thinking it’s a strategy to sell only new products. New products, sure. But it doesn’t have to be a new product – you can use product launch marketing to boost the sales of your current products as well as new products.

Product launch marketing is also an effective way to build your prospect lists, increase your traffic, recruit affiliates, and establish life long JV relationships.

Can product launch marketing really do all this?

Yes! And more…

Product launch marketing is also a proven effective way to position you above your competitors, create social proof of your product benefits, generate web-wide buzz, and even create products.

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