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Product Launch Marketing Step by Step

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OK, you’ve sweated and created a product that you want to sell for $400…but you have no list. You have two options: create a sales page and drive traffic to it using SEO and paid advertising or adopt a product launch strategy.

One of these is painful and time consuming and the other is fun and lucrative.

Step 1 – Seed Launch To Build Initial List

Ok, job #1 is to build a list fast. The quickest way to do this is to create small version of your product with a relatively low price, say $97.

And it must be literally bursting with value. The goal here is a fat conversion rate – not hard profit. You want this product to end up in as many hands as possible. Period.

The fact is, you are not going to make a single penny off the sale of this product. You are going to give it to someone who has a list, aka a JV partner, and they will take 100% of the profit.

Well, why the heck would you do that? Why not just give the JV a standard 50%? Well, hey – if he goes for 50% fine. But if that’s the case, then lower the price to $47 and give him 100% so you get more conversions.

Why? What do you care about the conversions if you are making zero money on the deal? Because every time someone buys, they get added to your list.

Remember, the goal is to get that product into as many hands as possible. Build the list because that will net you way more in the long run than the piddly amount you can make now.

The list is the thing.  So, do this with a few JV partners and presto, you have a list. This does not have to be a massive list at this point.

Step 2 – Internal Product Launch

Now you can launch your $400 product to your list. This is called an internal launch and again, the goal here is not about making a ton of money. It’s about getting that conversion rate. You need this to move forward. Given the people on the list already bought the small version that was bursting with value, you should see a healthy conversion rate on the big product for $400. At least 10% conversion is the goal.

Now you have what you need to do a JV launch: a fat conversion rate. Proof! Without it, JVs simply will not mail for you, despite the fact they may say they are interested.

Step 3 – JV Launch

You need to be prepared to give affiliates 50%. So with the Product Launch Manager 10% off the top, you end up with 40%.

If you are seeing that giving away 60% as a negative, then you have it all wrong.

Let me ask you this: what is the asset you gain from selling your product? Money? Sure, you’re going to make some money off the sales of your product. But that amount of money is nothing compared to another asset that gets created during this process: the massive growth of your list during a JV launch.

Again, just like before, everyone who buys gets added to your list.

The accurate way to think about your product is that it is first and foremost a means to build your list. As Dan Kennedy says, you don’t create a list to sell products ….you sell products to create a list. Because in the end it is the list that makes you the most money – not your product.

Let’s look at some numbers.

Let’s say you end up selling 125 units of your product.

125 x $400 = $50K

Your 40% take = $20K

Let’s be conservative and assume you converted at 1%. You would now have a list of 12,500.

A month or so later, one of your JV parters has a $147 product and he wants you to try sell it to your list. He agrees to give you 50%…just like you gave him.

At a 1% conversion rate, you pocket $9187 …and all you had to do is send out 5 emails to your list.

If you sell other people’s products 6 times a year with similar numbers… that’s $60K just by sending emails to your list.

Now, look back to the selling of your own product. You gave away 60% = $30K …but by having a list, you got it back plus another 10K. And that’s just the first year (with conservative numbers)…you will keep growing this list and selling to it year after year. You are coming out way ahead!

Why? Because you created a great product and made a healthy profit off it? No! Because you made a great product and ultimately used it build your list.

So, the real money is in the size and your relationship with your list. It is a far bigger asset than the potential profits of your own product.

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