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Product Launch vs. No Product Launch

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Your offer hangs in cyberspace forever = zero sales triggered from scarcity Your offer is available for a limited time, at a limited price, with limited
bonuses = scarcity triggers sales.
The sale of your product is simply another offer among the all others out there. The sale of your product is an EVENT that has a beginning, middle, and end = gets more attention.
Product always available = zero sales due to anticipation of opening / launch
Product not yet available: builds anticipation of launch day = more sales.
A free report or piece of software just doesn’t cut it anymore. Free content during pre-launch makes prospect feel indebted to you: reciprocity
triggers sales.
No interaction = minimal trust = money left on the table. Direct interaction with prospects via surveys, comments, and email during pre-launch builds trust = triggers moresales.
Attention held for just a few minutes when they look at your sales page. Attention held for weeks by means of various digital content: teleseminars, emails, surveys, a blog, andvideos.
Zero feeling of community. Being in the launch loop makes prospects feel part of something; clicking the “Buy” button completes thisfeeling.
Reason to ACT NOW is weak…product is more or less always available. Reason to ACT NOW is real – product will be taken off the market, prices will change, bonuses will go away.
Zero social proof generated during sales cycle. Social proof of interest in product generated through comments on blog and survey results BEFORE productgoes on sales = feeling of people lining up to buy.
Complete sales pitch only exists in sales letter – most people do not read the whole thing and therefore miss keytriggers. Complete sales presentation happens during pre-launch in digestible
bytes. The sales letter is only used as the last line of defense on launch


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