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New Product Marketing Plan

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…What does your keyword research tell you?

Are there people actively searching for what you have? If not, move on. It’s really that simple. Your new product marketing plan will crash and burn if they’re not actively searching for your product.

The thing about new product marketing online is that it’s not so much about persuasion as it is about connecting.

The savvy online marketer looks for ways to CONNECT. Of course, we employ every persuasive element we can muster – but first and foremost we seek to connect with people who are already pre-disposed to buy what we are selling. The Internet makes this easy with the use of permission marketing, social networking, and JV partnerships.

That’s what the product launch process does. It uses the Internet (blogs, social networking, videos, teleseminars, email copy, other content) to connect and deepen a relationship with the prospect, inflame his desire, and gain his trust.

Consequently we see much higher conversion rates when we do a product launch.

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