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Product Positioning During a Launch

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product positioningProduct positioning is a way for your to stand above your competitors so everyone can see you.

The key to positioning is to craft your sales message to the world view of your prospect. By world view I mean any or all of the following: feelings, beliefs, desires, biases, and problems. If you do this, then your prospect will react with “That’s for me!”

It’s quite likely that everyone in your industry has more or less the same message. And this is good news for you…as long as you don’t fall in line like everyone else. You’ve got to be different! And when you are different – you can charge more because you offer something no one else does. Just be sure it’s a difference that you prospect truly cares about.

But if you offer the same thing with the same message…you will get trounced by a competitor who offers a lower price.

During the pre-launch of your product we will have ample opportunity to show how your product or service is different from all others out there, which makes it superior in a number of ways.

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