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Get started by watching the 7 minute video below.

Click Here to Download the Questionnaire

Filling out the questionnaire will enable you to receive the benefit of my experience free of charge!  Click the above link, fill out the questionnaire and email it to me.  I will respond ASAP with what I think are the best opportunities for your business.   From there we can discuss an actual project together. 


Email me at oliver[at]productlaunchperformance.com to set up a one hour consulting call.  
If you have not filled out the above questionnaire, there is a $100 charge for the call.

Performance Marketing is an Internet marketing boutique under the parent company of Write Marketing Systems Inc. based in Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by Oliver Olsen.

You’re looking for Internet marketing services.  Great!

You can look at the list of services below if you like, but it’s not necessary.  That may sound a bit odd, “Don’t check out my services!”  ???

My services are akin to the prescription a doctor gives a patient.  It’s the job of the doctor to decide what the medicine should be.  I don’t expect you to know how to fix your traffic or conversion problems, after all NOT knowing what to do may be the very reason you are here.

On the other hand, you may know exactly what kind of medicine you need.  Much like you know you need to take Advil for headache.  In that case, help yourself from the list below.

But in the case of not knowing what you need, you simply need to fill out the questionnaire at the link under the video or contact me via email at oliver[at]productlaunchperformance.com to get the ball rolling.  Tell me where things are at with you and ask any initial questions you have.

Here are the services I provide.  They can be bundled in any manner that suits your needs.  If you would like to learn about product launches and see if this is the right strategy for you, click here to download the Product Launch Secrets brochureProduct Launch Brochure


This is a favorite service of mine.  It’s how I began as a marketer.  I specialize in direct response copywriting, which is simply the strategy of using words to get the prospect to take the next action toward conversion.  That could be asking for the sale, but it also could be getting them to optin on your squeeze page, sharing your content, commenting, opening an email, clicking a link in an email, or accepting an upsell or downsell offer etc.

I am fond of writing marketing videos, sales letters, homepage copy, product landing page copy, email copy, and squeeze page copy.  I also enjoy creating marketing content like ebooks and reports.


This is another favorite service of mine.  I normally write the script, have you make a recording of it and then I go to work on adding graphics,  text, screen capture,  cool transitions, and music.  Video is a massively effective way to boost your conversions.

These sorts of marketing videos are what we call infotainment or edutainment.  Engaging and useful for your prospect … layered with your marketing message.  It’s the most effective way to keep their attention long enough to lay out a full sales message.


Building a list of loyal and responsive subscribers is a huge part of any online business.

The first thing to get right is your subscription strategy.  These are the folks who sign up to your list without buying anything.  Obviously we want the subscriber optin rate humming at a maximum and be sure that they have every opportunity to join your list, no matter what page they arrive at on your website.

The next step is to start a relationship with them.  All mutually beneficial relationships are based on respect and love … as opposed to simply asking them for something before you have given anything.  You get what you give.  And if you run your business right, you will receive ten-fold what you give.

The purpose of any subscriber funnel is to build trust, credibility, authority and demonstrate value so as to position them to be receptive to your offer.

After they become your customer, they are moved to your buyers list.  This simply enables you to put them into other funnels based on what they have purchased from you.

Subscriber and buyer funnels are automated email sequences and live email blasts directing them to web pages of information, education, products and services with text, video, reports, webinars, and podcasts etc. on the other side of the email link.  It’s all designed to move them closer to the sale.  Some funnels are only few pieces of content, others last for weeks or even months.  The type of content will depend on the nature of your products and services.


This is a great service for any established online business that wants to do better but doesn’t know where to put their efforts so as to have the maximum effect.  Sometimes business owners contact me because they want me give them traffic boosting strategies.  But after a look at their traffic and conversion statistics and their marketing funnels, it’s clear that they could simply get more sales by fixing some things that are hurting their conversion.

Sometimes, not often, it’s the other way around.  They want copy and videos to increase conversion but the problem is actually one of low traffic.  Certainly, it’s always the case that both can be improved – but I will show you which one needs immediate attention.

To deliver this service, I will churn through your current websites, landing pages, social network presence, and Google Analytics and shopping cart stats to formulate a step by blueprint to improve your sales.  I will list areas in which you excel as well as those that are weak and need attention.  I will give specific recommendations, suggest alternatives, and list various resources and means to accomplish your goals within your budget.


This is the most fun of all my services!

Product launches are the best way to focus the attention of your subscribers.  It’s the time when you tell them, “Ok, this is happening now, next week it will be gone so pay attention because this great thing will not happen again.”  It’s a wonderful time to celebrate with your prospects and give them exactly what you have positioned them for in the funnel.

Done right a product launch will attract partners to send you traffic, thereby growing your list and increasing sales.  It will also deepen your branding, market positioning, and credibility, fueling the upward momentum of your business.

I personally manage every aspect of your launch which will include the optimization or creation of your list build funnel, content, sales and landing page copy, video scripts, video production and post-production, formulate your offer, bonuses, stick program, and all of the tech for your shopping cart, affiliate tracking, membership site, and all integration.  Naturally, you may have some of these services covered already but if not, this is your one stop shop for the best product launch.  Many good references provided on request!

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