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The Skinny

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A quick overview of the strategy:

Build a list and create a strong relationship with that list before selling them anything.  Give them free information products related to your business that help them solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

This gains their trust in you because you are helping them for free.  Then survey them on what they need, what they want, and their objections.  This enables you to knock down their objections, finesse your product, and craft your sales pitch.

Start pre-launch: sales presentation disguised as content using email, videos, teleseminars, a blog.  Build anticipation with cliff hangers.  Invite their participation with comments and surveys.  Announce launch day, show scarcity (limited time, price, and bonuses).  Open doors on launch day with a complete sales letter; recap of all launch content.  Sales!

This is just scratching the surface, as far as product launch marketing goes.  Contact me to start a discussion on what type of launch would be best for your business.

As a Product Launch Manager, here’s what I will do for you…

- manage your entire product launch
- write all your sales copy (emails, sales letters, short copy)
- overall campaign strategy
- build your list
- increase your traffic
- build your sales funnel
- design and set up your landing and squeeze pages
- design nice headers and banners
- do your keyword and market research
- set up your Aweber (name and email capture)
- make screen capture videos, edited videos and podcasts
- more!

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